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Learn Quick Easy Solutions to Solve Your Sleep Problem

Sleep Secrets is the most comprehensive sleep guide available, drawing from the widest possible range of sources. You can finally design the sleep solution that works best for you.

  • Breakthrough sleep research, practices and techniques.
  • Ancient time-tested sleep wisdom
  • Expert sleep-doctor advice
  • Cutting-edge sleep product innovations
  • Insightful natural health tips
  • Highly successful mind-body methodologies

Do Any of These Sleep Symptoms Describe You?

  • Do you wake up exhausted instead of refreshed?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping, even when you are tired?
  • Do you take more than 20 minutes to fall asleep? Or back to sleep if you awaken?
  • Do you want to stop taking sleeping pills?
  • Do you feel moody or depressed?
  • Do you suffer from snoring or sleep apnea?

Your sleep solution is just as unique as you are. Discover how to unlock your perfect sleep. Sleep Secrets gives you the tools to find the answers you need.

It’s Hard To Be Your Best Self If You’re Always Sleep Deprived

Here is what Dr. Andrew Weil — America's well-known Integrative Medicine founder (who has been featured twice on the cover of Time Magazine) and best-selling author on holistic health — has to say about Sleep Secrets:

“Sleep Secrets is the book you should read for good, practical information on how to get a good night’s sleep.

Insomnia, sleep deprivation, snoring and sleep apnea — this comprehensive resource has it all.”

Imagine Sleeping Well and Loving Every Minute of It

This is how great sleep feels… and this could be you.

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5 Star Review from Foreward Reviews  

(Foreword Reviews is the only review magazine solely dedicated to discovering new indie books.)

"A comprehensive, engaging guide to good sleep — one of the primary strengths of Sleep Secrets is its all-inclusive approach. It should be invaluable to anyone who wants to get a better night’s sleep." 

               Why wait to finally solve your sleep problems? Sleep is your single most important health variable. 

Discover How To Beat Insomnia and Snoring Once and For All

  • Are you fatigued, drowsy and have difficulty concentrating?
  • Does your mind race like crazy, keeping you awake no matter how exhausted you are?
  • Is lack of sleep affecting your work, your relationships and possibly your physical safety?

Find answers to your sleep related questions in Sleep Secrets

  • Is your mattress harmful to your health? Fire retardant chemicals are toxic.
  • Are there any health risks of being a night owl?
  • Which type of mattress can enhance your sleep and which can add to your insomnia and prevent you from falling asleep easily?
  • How much sleep do you really need?
  • What is the best pillow to use for sleep?

Never Suffer From Insomnia Again

  • Why walking outside barefoot can help you sleep better
  • Why inclining your bed can help you sleep
  • Why good sleep has such benefits for sex... and sex for sleep

 In-depth links provided so you can dig deeper on specific subjects of interest. 

Sleep Secrets is a comprehensive, educational, and entertaining sleep-resource guide designed to help you find your unique sleep solutions and enjoy deep, restful, rejuvenating sleep.

These are a few of the topics covered in Sleep Secrets:

  • How to beat insomnia and quiet the mind to enable sleep.
  • What to do to enhance your sleep as the seasons change.
  • Understand your sleep hormones so you get them to work for you.
  • How your sleep needs change depending on where you live.
  • Which new tech devices can cause insomnia and what to do about them.
  • Why your lights may be making you miserable.
  • How to survive night shifts so you can sleep easier and minimize some of the health risks.

What will work for you?

Doctors, sleep experts and sleep research specialists offer their advice on how to deal with sleep deprivation. However, there simply is no one-size-fits-all approach.

That’s the magic of Sleep Secrets, your complete resource guide to insights from the world of sleep.  You find what you need to turn your unique sleep problem around.

 Buy Sleep Secrets now, and end your insomnia once and for all, and feel good and energized at last. 

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Only $12.95

Unconditional 60 Day Money Back Guarantee 

Get Sleep Secrets Instantly Downloaded as a PDF.

 Discover how technology can help or hinder your sleep. 

  • Which alarm clocks are best and why.
  • Which types of light bulbs impact your sleep positively and which negatively.
  • Latest technologies for sleep – which to use, and which you may be better off avoiding.
  • What mattress pad will help you fall asleep faster and what bedding helps you really relax.
  • What is the optimum sleep position and which is the worst.

 100s Of Natural Sleep Solutions And Insights 


  • Sleep advice for babies, teens and elders.
  • Special yoga exercises for sleep.
  • Easy mind techniques to help you relax to fall asleep faster.
  • Self-hypnosis methods to help you sleep.
  • Can cannabis help you sleep? How to find the right strain for you.
  • Water therapy to fall asleep.
  • What acupressure points can you press to help you fall asleep faster?
  • Napping: is it OK to do, how best to do it and for how long?
  • Easy-to-do body tapping techniques to help you sleep faster and better.
  • Simple but very effective tips for stopping snoring.
  • What to do if you wake with a leg cramp.
  • What to do if you are house-bound.
  • Jet lag prevention tips.
  • Sleep tech product reviews and suggestions.
  • EMR (Electro-Magnetic Radiation) and insomnia – what you need to know.
  • Warning: be careful with your phone if you want to sleep well.

 Eat, drink and sleep? 

What to avoid, and what could work for you. 

  • What supplements or homeopathic remedies can target your specific sleep symptoms or condition.
  • What to eat to help you sleep and which foods can keep you awake.
  • Are melatonin supplements safe to take? Too much can be quite harmful and some people should not use it.
  • What are the real dangers of sleeping pills and how effective are they? Are they worth the risk for what you gain?
  • What else can you drink instead of coffee to energize you but not prevent you from falling asleep later.
  • How much melatonin is optimum and which form (pills, oral spray or body spray) is best for maximum absorption?

 Buy Sleep Secrets now and stop feeling so tired and miserable. You can enjoy life again. 

“Pick up your copy by clicking the BUY NOW button!”  

Only $12.95

Unconditional 60 Day Money Back Guarantee 

Get Sleep Secrets Instantly Downloaded as a PDF.

From The Author:

My name is Ron Bazar and I am a former insomniac. I’m not a doctor or a self-proclaimed sleep expert, and that’s my special advantage. Why? 

Many sleep doctors and experts offer valuable insights into the growing body of research that deals with why we sleep, the effects of lack of sleep and how to sleep better.

Many also prescribe medication, sleep devices, or sleep monitoring, etc. 

I don’t do that. What I do is very different.

I am a Harvard MBA and relentless researcher who has gathered a great deal of information about sleep issues from a wide variety of sources.

As well, I have had decades of direct experience in natural and alternative health solutions including being in the sleep business of making and selling good-sleep products.

My research and work in those fields has aided me in my pursuit to find as many pieces as I could to the puzzle of insomnia.

This is the most important thing I’ve learned: What I have realized from the research I have done is that every one of us is unique and the problems that stand in our way of having a good night’s sleep are individual to each of us.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to solving your sleep difficulties. What works for one person may not work for you at all. And that’s where my new book, Sleep Secrets, displays its strength.

If you follow my sleep tips that resonate for you, then you are almost guaranteed to sleep better.

Sleep Secrets will give you the information you need to discover the underlying causes of your insomnia. As well, it will encourage you to choose the solutions that work best for you, your lifestyle and your special requirements.

 What Our Readers Have To Say: 

A plethora of zzzz information! 

 A great go-to book that allows you to create a self designed sleep program. Wonderful compilation of old and new sleep techniques. Highly recommended for all sleeping types.

Bianka Satoria, Stuttgart Biologist

For those of us who have had our melatonin levels destroyed by years of night shifts, Ron's book presents a note of salvation. Good bye years of insomnia problems.

Mary-Lu Lorenson, Physiotherapist 

You have written an amazing book. There are so many helpful ideas for those of us who struggle to sleep deeply. I have learned so much already. Bravo! Sleep Secrets is an extraordinary work. Thank you. I know it is a deeply needed book.

Ann Mortifee, Vancouver Keynote Speaker 

I’ve never read a comprehensive resource guide that made me laugh. It was a bold move to punctuate all that important information with cartoons. What an interesting way to drive a point home. You laugh, you learn.

Jacquine Manet Bobier,  Retired 

This is a fantastic book!


Attila Sule-Szigeti, Budapest Marketing Manager


My family called on my Italian grandmother to heal us long before they sought medical advice. Sleep Secrets combines both ancient time-proven sleep wisdom and the newest research. How cool is that! I’m tired of the one-size-fits-all approach to health issues because I know our bodies are as unique as our personalities. Through Sleep Secrets, I’m finding tailor-made solutions for my insomnia.

Roma Dehr, Educator 

 Buy Sleep Secrets now and turn your sleep problem around. You too can do it. 

“Pick up your copy by clicking the BUY NOW button!”  

Only $12.95

Unconditional 60 Day Money Back Guarantee 

Get Sleep Secrets Instantly Downloaded as a PDF.

Blissful Sleep

From The Author: My Story

My insomnia began when I was very young, maybe 10 years old. I remember getting out of bed and saying, “Mom, I can’t sleep!” Little did I know this was just the start of many years of sleep deprivation.

My mom was a night owl because she suffered from insomnia. As a kid I would get up at night to see her reading light shining under her door. Little by little, I became a night owl just like her, until, in my high school days, I started to rely on sleeping pills.

My dad was a pharmacist, so it was easy to get prescription meds. Luckily, my mom was very conservative and insisted that all I needed was aquarter of a pill. Of course, this increased over time, but I fought my reliance on them because they made me groggy in the mornings.

By my third year of university, I had to arrange my classes to begin at 2 p.m. so I could sleep in after my 4 a.m. bedtime!

But I couldn’t control my schedule like this at Harvard grad school, so I was a wreck during my 9 a.m. classes. My stress level was so high that I had to see the in-house shrink, who advised me to take up running to tire myself out physically so I could fall asleep. Guess what? It worked, and I could sometimes fall asleep in less than an hour several nights per week.

After Harvard, I got married, launched entrepreneurial ventures and had two beautiful kids. All great stuff, but definitely a recipe for exhaustion! This did help me sleep at first, but soon I found I would get a second wind in the late evenings and I wound up stuck in my old late-night habits.

I managed to go to bed around 1 to 2 a.m. but I often spent long sleepless hours tossing and turning, my mind racing around business issues and plans for the cottage we were building in the country on weekends.

My Turning Point

In the mid-80s, lo and behold I co-founded a successful all-inclusive sleep manufacturing and retail business called Good Sleep Products International. Ironic, right?

When customers started asking me for advice about their sleep problems, I felt like I knew what they were going through, and I wanted to give them answers. This was the turning point when I started educating myself about sleep habits.

In 2002, I was sent into research hyper-drive when I was beset by a significant medical problem that caused me to awaken frequently during the night. With this new condition, I desperately needed solutions that would help me fall back to sleep.

By now, I had decades of experience not just from my years in the sleep industry, but in the natural foods industry as well. That, plus my studies in Eastern practices of yoga and martial arts, led me to uncover more tips to beat insomnia.

I devoured books and articles about sleep with the same focus and determination that got me through Harvard and helped me create a dynamic business. I also combed through literature and websites for the best advice from medical experts, sleep doctors, sleep researchers and other health practitioners about how to fall asleep and stay asleep until morning.

I tried the ideas that resonated with me, giving each one enough time to work (which is exactly what I recommend you do with my book). Over time, I found the right sleep secrets for me so I could glide into sleep within minutes most nights, instead of taking 1 to 3 exhausted hours.

I began sharing this knowledge, giving advice to friends who suffered from insomnia so they, too, could fall easily and deeply asleep night after night.

And that was when a seed was planted in my now-well-rested brain.

Reading through this wealth of information I’d gathered over the decades, I realized there was no single source that offered all the answers. No single sleep expert’s message would work for everyone because each one approached sleep from their own perspective or field of research.

Valid info, yes, but that may not be the answer you need.

How could I save my fellow insomniacs not only from the frustration of long, sleepless nights, but from the hundreds of hours it can take to find the right solution — if they ever find it at all?

I knew then that I had to bring all this information together in a single, comprehensive source. That’s the only way readers could find the missing piece(s) of their unique sleep puzzle.

In Sleep Secrets, you’ll even find tips that are not widely known by experts in the field. And along the way not only will you learn a ton about sleep, you’ll also have fun doing so. I have made the book as entertaining as possible while being educational and insightful so it is not ponderous or heavy.

All you have to do is cherry-pick the techniques that resonate with you... and rejoice when you find the breakthroughs that lead to your enjoying a peaceful night’s sleep.

What are you waiting for? Start reading and experimenting, so you too can find the sleep secrets that work for you.

 Buy Sleep Secrets now and discover how good a great sleep feels.  

“Pick up your copy by clicking the BUY NOW button!”  

Only $12.95

Unconditional 60 Day Money Back Guarantee 

Get Sleep Secrets Instantly Downloaded as a PDF.

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